Meet our experts : Serge Gay



Director of GLOSYA Education

A worthy descendant of two generations of teachers passionate about their profession, Mr Serge Gay, director of Glosya Education – who has been mixing the role of teacher with that of entrepreneur for years – is taking up the challenge of developing educational projects in Africa.

First prize in didactics – graduating from the École Normale de Sion (VS), he obtained his federal diploma as a Master of Physical Education from the University of Lausanne in 1992.

Head of orientation courses, then head of continuing education centres in French-speaking Switzerland, he became head of the Montani School in Sion in 1992.

He then decided to promote respect and the learning of life skills within this establishment belonging to the Lemania Group by developing the awareness of the 5 senses and their importance in maintaining personal equilibrium. This concept, which is new in the management of school infrastructure and logistics, leads him to implement innovative measures.

His belief: “What is done inside is seen from the outside.” As a result he repainted the school’s interior walls in yellow and orange, placed copies of masterpieces around, walked through flea markets to find furniture steeped in history, and played classical music in the corridors, which he fragranced with natural essences with citrus scents. The atmosphere of the establishment changed, giving way to an environment that fully supports the exemplary measures initiated by Mr Serge Gay. Under his leadership, calm, politeness, commitment, joy and respect became the key words that arose in everyday practices and conveyed shared values essential both to the development of students and to the quality of teachers’ teaching.

As an active participant in the evolution of the services offered by the Lemania Group, he has been involved in the development of the Chinese market since 1998.

In this respect, Serge Gay took the opportunity of a meeting with a Chinese student in Switzerland to launch a language programme project with China, where he went to meet partners. Listening to his interlocutors, comfortable in intercultural exchanges, Serge Gay defined the needs and expectations of the various actors, and set up a network of local agents for the promotion of the school and the recruitment of students. In doing so, he created a bridge between Switzerland and China, opening access to the Swiss Schools to Chinese students, particularly internationally renowned hospitality schools with which he has signed partnerships.

Promoted Director and Vice-President of the Lémania Group in 2008, he managed and developed 12 schools established in French-speaking Switzerland (700 employees / 5000 students), offering a wide range of training courses ranging from kindergarten to business schools.

His vision of sharing Swiss knowledge and skills with other cultures was to take him to new horizons in 2015. Indeed, after more than 30 years of experience in school management in Switzerland, he founded the consulting firm Swiss School Consulting, specialised in the field of education.

Among his ambitions concerning Africa, the director of Glosya Education notably set out to develop the “Seeds of Entrepreneurs” programme in Morocco, whose objective is to share with young people the joy of undertaking a project, and to provide them with the tools to develop the skills and state of mind necessary for the realisation and concretisation of creative ideas.

Naturally humble and rooted in his values, where respect and commitment are based on people’s development approaches and practices, Serge Gay is delighted to be able to provide an educational offer from kindergarten to university. When put in context this offer will provide strong added value to existing concepts, or create new ones, in order to best meet the training requirements supporting the development and sustainability of projects in Africa.

Editing: Caroline Haldemann