Sterilux : from innovation to successful business

Sterilux : from innovation to successful business

Sterilux is a young and promising medtech startup. They approached Glosya as one of their objectives is to penetrate the African sterilization market with the affordable Sterox concept they developed in Switzerland.

The initial step was to understand Sterilux Business Plan with the Sterilux CEO, his motivation and needs.

This phase requires to be done thoroughly with on-sites visits for the collection, analysis and preparation of key documentation.

Then it allows Glosya to be able to validate the business plan and clearly articulate the business opportunity for the second step i.e the connection with the Glosya Financial Network in Africa and Switzerland for funding.

In parallel the Glosya team is also working with Sterilux to prepare the deployment phase in Africa.

We look at this third step as the “added value ” phase where all the facets of the market entry in Africa will be discussed and implemented between Sterilux and the Glosya Operational Network in Africa and Switzerland.


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Writing : Patrick Ferronato
Photo: Sterilux

Healthcare Tech in Mauritius: A booming market for Swiss companies

Healthcare Tech in Mauritius: A booming market for Swiss companies

Mauritius has become one of the fastest advancing destinations in the fields of Medical Technology and Treatment in Africa.

While the official mandate for all African countries remains to start or increase manufacturing their own medical equipment, the reality today still sees rapidly growing imports from outside Africa in order to meet existing and up-coming demands and therefore presents a variety of business opportunities for Swiss companies.

Core Market Segments

The healthcare sector in Mauritius has metamorphosed itself into an integrated cluster underpinned by a core group of high-value activities such as Medical Devices, Medical Tourism, Tele Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Wellness.

A variety of global healthcare companies – among them Swiss companies like Novartis and Labatech-Pharma – have already either invested in multi-specialty and super-specialty centres of excellence to cater for the growing healthcare needs or export their products to Mauritius.

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Source of the article: Switzerland Global Enterprise
Photo credit: ©Pixabay