The Swiss Governement wants to redirect development aid

The Swiss Governement wants to redirect development aid

Consistent with its mission and values, GLOSYA welcomes the initiative of Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis to redirect Swiss development aid. In the future, the aid of CHF 11.4 billion is mainly intended to promote sustainable economic growth and job creation.

According to NZZ am Sontag, Switzerland intends in the future to strengthen its cooperation with the private sector, new technologies and the fight against climate change. This is in all respects with GLOSYA’s vision, which also highlights the fact that sub-Saharan Africa remains a priority region. Read the article (in German) here.  
Source : RTS & NZZ am Sontag Photo: © RTS


Does Africa represent a potential Eldorado for Switzerland? Leaving aside the simplistic and somewhat inelegant formulation of the question, the answer must be a resounding yes. Indeed, there a so many potential synergies and areas of complementarity between the vast continent and tiny European state that it can only make eminent sense to bring them together with a view to multiplying the mutual benefits.

In many ways, Africa has been a victim of its own wealth. Perversely, its natural mineral and other riches became the source of its problems. In other words, it can now strongly be argued that what is in abundance in one of the two regions is precisely what is deficient in the other. We can …

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