Nicolas Crettenand

Nicolas Crettenand

Managing Director of Glosya Infrastructures & Executive Board Member of Glosya Group

At a time when Glosya was gaining its first success in raising funds of 13 million for the GlobalDiagnostiX project, Nicolas Crettenand joined the Glosya Group management at the age of 38 as director and co-founder of Glosya Infrastructures.

Married and a father of three, perfectly trilingual (French, German, English), he attended school in Bern, then joined the EPFL where he obtained a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship. With an interdisciplinary academic background (economic, legal and political), he obtained a doctorate at EPFL in 2012 with a thesis on improving the framework conditions necessary for the promotion of renewable energies, with particular emphasis on decentralised energy storage.

A true ambassador of Swiss values, inspired by William Wilberforce’s endurance in his determination to move things forward, particularly through consensus, it was from an early age that Nicolas recognised himself in the dignity and commitment of the men he met during his first trips to the “Land of Integrity” (Burkina Faso).

His passion for Africa quickly translated into concrete personal commitments to local populations, such as drilling a well, raising funds or creating community support to finance a complete, private school structure, which is still open today, with more than 2,500 students in Burkina Faso. His passion also determined his orientation towards infrastructure development, environmental awareness and renewable energy management.

A pioneer at heart, a diplomat responsible for his intercultural approach, his career in the Swiss engineering sector, particularly with BG Consulting Engineers as Director for Africa, now gives him full legitimacy to manage Glosya Infrastructures.

Since 2006, he has been involved in renewable energy, water and sanitation projects. In his previous roles, he contributed to the establishment of the EPF (Energy Project Facilitator) by collaborating with the R20 (Regions of Climate Action) organisation and was in charge of developing the “Energy” strategy for the BG group.

Nicolas has worked in 14 African countries, and lived in two of them as a resident. Drawing on his extensive field experience in sub-Saharan Africa, both in rural and urban areas, he identifies needs and envisages solutions for holistic and systemic development that is thoughtful and beneficial to all stakeholders (Africans and Swiss stakeholders). His network in Africa is made up of integrated and competent people, offering confidence and trust in identifying potential partners for the projects implemented.

In search of productive and ethical economic rapprochement, he leads ambitious projects for Glosya, from conception to exploitation, with the objective of providing African countries with infrastructure (in particular for the production of energy from renewable sources), technical expertise and know-how that guarantee them autonomous and sustainable socio-economic growth.

A partner of choice in business, a visionary and ambitious entrepreneur who values teamwork, he associates success with the results achieved and the contributions of each individual to the achievement of objectives.

Editing: Caroline Haldemann