Medical equipment manufacturer Pristem SA has raised CHF 14 million to industrialize and deploy its innovative medical imaging solution on a large scale to address a global health problem. This fundraising operation was made possible thanks to Glosya, which provided the Lausanne start-up with 13 of the 14 million euros (more than 90% of the financing sought).

Investors come from Switzerland and Africa. Bernard Stoessel, CEO of Glosya, says “It was important for us to diversify the investor profile for this project because Pristem is a Swiss company that will deploy a large part of its activities in Africa. Hence the interest of having Swiss and African partners. On the other hand, and in order to make the project sustainable, we also needed an investor who could understand the issues and bring a wealth of experience in the medical services sector. We are very pleased to have taken up this challenge as part of this fundraising event.”

The fundraising, supported by Glosya, for a total amount of CHF 14 million, was carried out with two Swiss investors, including a lead investor with extensive experience in the medical services sector, and two African investors, one of them leading a major medical imaging group and bringing the perspective of clients and their needs.

With the specific aim of opening up access to African markets to Swiss companies and institutions, Glosya provides Pristem with its skills and resources to prepare for commercial deployment, starting with Africa, with views already available on Asian markets. This requires setting up distribution networks and organizing the promotion of the device, both among private actors such as clinics and radiologists’ offices, and among public authorities for their hospitals and other health centres.

The new radiology solution to be launched by Pristem within two years is a high-tech concentrate developed in Switzerland and protected by several patents, the main challenge of which is to democratize, technically and financially, access to radiology.


Source of the article: Monde Economique 
Photo credit: © EPFL / Alain Herzog - Jamani Caillet