Glosya’s Project Manager - Investment Management

Glosya’s Project Manager (or at least one of them), Patrick Ferronato, an experienced executive and business development expert, boasts a 35-year career working abroad for DuPont in the materials, specialty chemicals & packaging sector.
Thanks to his macroeconomic approach to understanding challenges, his perfect grasp of every aspect of a project, and his vast experience of the issues encountered in emerging markets such as China and India, he is in a position to ensure independent analysis of the opportunities available, as well as genuine decision-making neutrality. He adopts a highly factual and concrete approach, possesses excellent intercultural management skills, and he very much appreciates exchanges that promote the sharing of inspiring visions.

It would be impossible to introduce Patrick Ferronato without mentioning his strong desire to reduce environmental impacts as part as his professional commitment. Very early on in his professional career, he became involved in research projects related to production chains, where he took a real interest in superconducting materials that were particularly cutting edge and innovative at the time. He quickly learnt to deal with imperatives dictated by financial reasoning, and realised that investment in research has to be ensured over the long term if you want to implement sound and effective solutions to environmental issues.

“We have more failures than successes, otherwise it would mean we hadn’t done enough field-testing.” 

Patrick Ferronato has successfully drawn on the energy, drive and key skills of his teams throughout his career. He defines collective success as the ability to grow while being aware of the imperative need for continuous improvement. He supports investments that create value, and which therefore foster sustainable hiring and the personal development of employees.

“Switzerland’s industrial base, by virtue of its resilience, high level of training, and innovation capacity, creates value across the country.” 

By conveying not only this image, but also one which fosters ethics and compliance, Glosya can help promote the interests of Swiss SMEs, support their development ambitions in Africa, and open the door to African emerging markets.

For Patrick Ferronato, it is essential to find the right people, anticipate the support of local sales, marketing & technical services skills, and target individual profiles compatible with the risk-taking inherent in the context. It is about building trust, and conducting sound transactions as a means to ensure the success of investments.

“The projects supported by Glosya must ensure a long-term impact on the local economy, and they must be sustainable for the majority of the local population.”

He firmly believes that long-term commitment is essential, as the ROI from these projects will not be immediate. In order to build loyalty among partners and foster relationships of trust, Glosya – which boasts the necessary professional experience and knowledge of African countries – aims to be farsighted in its approaches, and transparent in its vision of success. 

Moreover, to ensure the sustainability of projects, Patrick Ferronato works to make sure that objectives are properly aligned with the observables and how they evolve. By investing in local contributions, Glosya aims to bridge the gap between promises and results in a context where uncertainty sometimes remains an indomitable contingency.

This seasoned manager, in charge of assessing project capabilities, knows how to stay focused on the fundamentals and to ensure the relevance of solutions developed to help improve living conditions in Africa. Glosya, which has chosen to capitalise on Swiss and local skills to build its operational model, has entrusted Patrick Ferronato with the task of analysing projects’ chances of success, as well as exploring concrete avenues for convergence towards business models that are both sustainable and profitable over the long term.