Chief Finance Officer


“I want to get Glosya on the right track financially, so that the teams can focus on operations and the development and execution of new ambitious projects.”

An entrepreneur rich in “complexity”

Stéphane Velan, the CFO of Glosya, began his professional career in the banking sector, working in the specific field of mergers and acquisitions at Crédit Suisse. His expertise, combined with his extensive managerial experience, served as a solid foundation throughout his career, opening the doors to the highest positions in Corporate Finance.

A veteran intrapreneur in terms of taking responsibility in large Swiss companies, he values project-based work and is keen to stress the importance of team cohesion in the professional success that he enjoys in large companies.

Among the vast list of achievements, he particularly notes an extraordinary experience at Telecom 99, where he oversaw a year of intense effort as his project managers demonstrated outstanding productivity and achieved unprecedented goals. Stéphane Velan never hesitates to share his vision and passion. He adapts his managerial methods, building on each person’s strengths to ensure the success of one of the greatest challenges encountered following the privatisation of Swisscom.

The enchanting bird

In 2010, he became passionate about “Frères Rochat”, a project which aims to recreate a “songbird” automaton, a jewel of micromechanical sophistication, created by the watchmakers Jaquet Droz more than 200 years ago, and considered to be one of the most complex examples of watchmaking in the world. He decided to take up the challenge, made an appointment with a potential investor and secured funding, all within 24 hours.

In order to give wings to the “songbird”, he created the company Frères Rochat, taking over the management of it and developing the company and the brand. He enlisted the skills of a watchmaker renowned, based in Le Locle, for their expertise in highly complicated movements, and worked tirelessly with the engineers of the company, relying on the production equipment. As a result, in a few months, he managed to revive the movement of this exceptional automaton which has more than 1200 components, 100 of which are for recreating the movement of the songbird, which is the size of a lump of sugar.

Radiology success

Following the sale of Frères Rochat in 2016, he has been working as an independent consultant, advising established companies and technological start-ups, notably Pristem SA, of which he is a shareholder and CFO. The company has recently developed an economical radiology equipment for Africa. []

This company offers a radiological diagnostic solution adapted to the living conditions of vulnerable populations and their investment capacity. Contributing, even in a small way, to the development of reliable and sustainable solutions really motivates Stéphane Velan and is in line with his core values.

As part of his efforts to finance Pristem, he met Bernard Stoessel in 2018 and together they helped Glosya enjoy its first big success by raising 14 million CHF for the company in the first round of financing.

“It is up to us, as leaders, to drive change, because we cannot change governments. We have to do something on our side.”

Aligned with Glosya’s mission, the Pristem team is developing a profitable business model while promoting a “win-win” combination for the parties involved in the project.

It is this essential source of satisfaction which led to Stéphane Velan joining Glosya as CFO, in order to be able to replicate what he has accomplished at Pristem.

 “We develop and tailor Swiss solutions for local companies, giving them a competitive edge in order to ensure the profitability and longevity of projects”.

In Stéphane Velan’s eyes, entrepreneurship means putting his energy at the service of his own initiatives and those of his partners, and getting involved in responsible projects that align with his professional and personal ambitions.

“I have created my ideal life by drawing on my values and resonances that have come from the experiences of those around me. Everybody inspires me”.

With an excellent capacity for adapting, having himself been chairman of the board of directors, CEO and line manager, Stéphane is capitalising on his field expertise by offering Glosya a thorough understanding of technical and strategic issues. He develops the legal and financial structures, creates the framework agreements that support the fundraising and determines the financial visions for the projects. “I want to get Glosya on the right track financially, so that the teams can focus on operations and the development and execution of new ambitious projects.”